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  • "I've been coming to Dr. Kim for my low back pain and he made miracles to my lower back pain. I couldn't even stand up straight. I was hunched like the Notre Dame. I was treated four times a month, and lower back pain was gone after two sessions, but since I sit all the time at work, I decided to get treated consistently to prevent future back pains. Dr. Kim also gave me great advice to prevent lower back injuries for example like stretching and strengthen my core."
  • "I got in several bad car accidents in the past and Dr. Kim was always my go to. I've been to several other doctors before and Dr. Kim just does amazing work. I have 3 herniated discs in my lower spine and 3 in my neck. I would have dizzy spells, unbelievable head pressure, numbness in my fingers and toes, and constant lower back and neck pain. After receiving treatment from Dr. Kim off and on for the past several years, I am now able to live my life pain free!"
  • "Dr Kim and all the massage therapists are first rate ! I actually followed them from a different clinic because they're so good at what they do ! I've already recommended this place to my friends and family. I'm looking forward to many years of pain free living thanks to these folks !"
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Kim for the past few months for tightness in my neck and shoulders and he has helped me tremendously. Within a few treatments I felt my neck and shoulders much more relaxed. The combination of soft tissue treatment and chiropractic adjustments has helped me a great deal. I always leave Dr. Kim's office feeling relaxed and refreshed!"
  • "The massage therapists here are amazing! I always leave here with a smile. The rest of the staff are always so friendly and helpful as well."