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  • Robert Simon L.Ac., C.M.T., B.H.S.P.

    Robert Simon has been involved in alternative medicine his entire life. Having a holistic veterinarian for a father who used acupuncture in his practice, Robert witnessed animals recover after receiving acupuncture treatments. This instilled in him the idea that there were other ways to heal than offered through conventional medicine. 

    In 1992, Robert was introduced to the practice of qigong - the Chinese method of energy cultivation - and used it to heal his own sciatica. He has been practicing qigong ever since.

    After graduating from The University of Michigan with a B.A. in Asian Studies, he attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four year program in energy healing and somatic psychology. Although ostensibly a school focused on helping others, the core of the program was actually focused on learning about one’s own wounds (often times excruciatingly so) and how to heal them. The reason for this is simple: the more clear, honest, and authentic the practitioner can become, the more energy he can channel for the benefit of one's patients. He frequently combines Brennan Healing science with other energy therapies he has trained in such as Matrix Energetics, BodyTalk, medical qigong, and cranial sacral therapy.

    Following the Brennan program, Robert immersed himself in various forms of manual therapy including positional release techniques, structural integration, primal reflex release technique, structural integration, lymphatic drainage, Trager passive joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Bowen therapy, pain neutralization technique, and trigger point therapy, and tui na.

    He then graduated from the Yo San University specializing in advanced orthopedics and earning
    a Master degree in Traditional Chinese medicine.

    Additionally, Robert is an NAET allergy elimination practitioner and practices EFT emotional
    freedom technique for trauma and addictions.

  • Ernest Kim D.C., L.Ac.

    Dr. Ernest Kim began his journey of healing at the age of 16 when he began having chronic low back pain due to bad posture and several car accidents. Traditional allopathic care could not alleviate his pain. He was able to heal completely only with regular stretching, chiropractic care, and active release technique.

    His exposure to holistic medicine at an early age greatly influenced his desire to learn more. During his second year in college, he decided to take a year off and attend massage school. Although it didn’t make much sense at the time, he decided to pursue his passion anyway. It was the best decision he made in his life. Developing his skills as a holistic practitioner early on would prove to be greatly beneficial in his current practice as a chiropractor and acupuncturist. 

    Dr. Kim is a second generation acupuncturist and a board certified chiropractor who graduated with honors from Southern California University of Health Sciences. He received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from University of Colorado and is a graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy. He is also a certified Transformational Life Coach. 

    He has been featured on CBS, Showtime, and has worked with professional athletes from the Los Angeles Lakers, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Padres, as well as Boxing Champions and AVP Volleyball players.

    Dr. Kim uses an integrative approach to his assessment and diagnosis protocol. By combining his various areas of knowledge in chiropractic and acupuncture, along with tuning into the patient’s energy body, he can intuitively assess how the injury or illness came to be and why.

    A chiropractic treatment from Dr. Kim does not mean you have to receive an adjustment. He incorporates A.R.T. in each of his treatments as the muscles and fascia play a pivotal role in maintaining the body’s structure and alignment. Although chiropractic adjustments can be powerful in healing the body, it is not always necessary to enact change. Locating and breaking up scar tissue to reduce inflammation and pain is crucial for an adjustment to hold its positive effect. When an adjustment is found to be needed, he works with the body’s natural rhythm and breath to deliver a gentle, smooth adjustment. 

    Dr. Kim believes the right combination of nutrition, exercise, rest, and a peaceful mind is the key to happiness and longevity. During his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, lifting weights, yoga, and hiking.

    Licensures/ Certifications 

    • Active Release Technique Elite Provider Network 2019
    • Active Release Technique Nerve Entrapment        2018
    • Selective Functional Movement Assessment         2017
    • Active Release Technique Full Body                       2015
    • Acupuncture License                                                2014              
    • Chiropractic License                                                 2013 
    • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider 2012 
    • Certification Therapeutic Massage (NCBTMB)        2007    

  • Jon Ahn

    Growing up I loved martial arts and started training from a young age. That passion led me to the world of fitness. I am a certified personal trainer though the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

    Through my training I have helped many people reach their individual goals of fat loss, building muscle, and gaining confidence; myself included. I enjoy working with clients of all ages with my wisest client being 70 years young. I love fitness and what it has done for my life, but the best part is helping others change theirs. 

    Through proper nutrition guidelines and exercise programming, I know we can reach your goals together. I enjoy working out, training in mixed martial arts, boxing, being in the outdoors, and eating. I offer 1 on 1 personal training, group training, strength and conditioning, fat loss, boxing, and self defense classes.

  • Juanita Hernandez

    Juanita brings over 10 years of massage expertise. She enjoys working with various patients ranging from deep tissue massage to facials and body wraps.  She has a knack for finding areas that need to be worked on and can also provide a deeply relaxing and soothing experience as well.

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